1. A growing list of Kerrie (funnygirlgleek’s) stalker accounts

     ***UPDATED: 8/30/13*** 

    New Twitter: finchelforeverl

    Current IMDB: hashtrash 

    Current Tumblrs: sweetiepotatopies and plainlyconfused

    Kerrie deleted a bunch of her accounts of 8/13/12.  New accounts started popping up right away.  Just keep ignoring her, and please don’t antagonize her, or let her pull you into her drama.  Report her behavior.  If she makes threats, please screencap them and send them to this tumblr with the original source link.  Thank you.

    This note right here is just a general reminder that Kerrie likes to send out anon asks to anyone on tumblr who mentions Chris (positively or negatively).  If you get odd anon asks about Chris, or if you see someone else getting them, please spread the world and just ignore them.  If you reply it not only encourages her behavior, but in all likelihood she’ll stalk your tumblr and askbox indefinitely afterwards, sending you and your followers harassing messages.

    First, let me give you a description of Kerrie’s style of trolling.  She vacillates back and forth between posting bizarrely biased comments about Chris Colfer, and, oddly enough, defending Kurt Hummel (or bashing him).  One of her tactics is to occasionally post something nice to lure in any newbies who might not know about her previous accounts, or the previous activity on her current accounts, which is often deleted.  Then she goes right back to making effemiphobic comments about Chris, and twisting anything he or the Glee cast does into “proof” that he is a horrible person whom everyone hates.

    Her most disturbing behavior can be found on Twitter, where she often sends dozens of tweets every day to Chris, his fans, the glee cast/crew, and anyone who has ever met him (Lea Salonga, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, reporters, fans, etc).  Usually, she tries to wheedle information about Chris out of people, makes attacks against him, or most common of all, she asks people “is Chris nice?”  A recent example of this would be her tweet to Proposition 8 trial witness, Paul Katami, who met Chris at the LA reading of Prop 8.  "@paulkatami Did you get to talk to Chris? Who was nicer? Chris or Darren? Were they hanging out together at all?"  This behavior would be silly and inappropriate if done once or twice by a fan, but Kerrie has done this every day for two years.  It’s clear-cut cyber stalking.

    Even as I’m writing this update, she literally just tweeted a fan who met Chris and asked:  was he nice?

    After a week or so, she usually deletes all of her tweets and starts fresh.

    Her goal is to “convert” people to her way of thinking and gather “evidence.”  If you like Chris, she wants you to hate him.  All of this is done to support her delusional thought process.

    Right now her main objective has been to wheedle her way into any divide she can find between the Chris Colfer and Darren Criss fans (or, more recently, Cory and Naya’s fans).  When you see her post about how much she loves Darren, Cory, and Naya, and how much better they are than Chris, those posts have little to nothing to do with Darren/Cory/Naya, and everything to do with Kerrie’s obsession with Chris Colfer.  The same goes for the rest of the cast.

     A List of Her Accounts:




    GleeForum (banned accounts)

    • babes412 
    • Her posts (Click “only posts” to see a full list. You may have to log in to view this list).
    • gleeaddict
    • Her posts (Click “only posts” to see a full list. You may have to log in to view this list).
    • mirkas
    • her posts (Click “only posts” to see a full list. You may have to log in to view this list).
    • shamalang (Created and banned on 01/25/12).
    • Her posts (Click “only posts” to see a full list. You may have to log in to view this list).

    Chris Colfer Fan Forum

    Glee (AOS) Zetaboard

    • Full Monty (banned/deleted)
    • alwaysright (banned/deleted)
    • magicalfairy  (banned/deleted)
    • harryfreakingpotter  (banned/deleted)
    • cupcake


    • hashtrash (**NEWEST**)
    • nonniebridges
    • twitteraccount51
    • bambiscrubs
    • wolvesarmy (still active, but she had so many TOS violations that IMDB put a posting hold on the account).
    • babes412 (Her original account, on which she was, or at least pretended to be, a fan of Chris Colfer).
    • chocolicious wobbybobbles (Deleted. Her current account, on which she does the majority of her trolling, and makes many of her more disgusting comments.  She changed her name from chocolicious to wobbybobbles on 2/22/12).
    • DoTheLocomotion (Deleted on 8/14/12).
    • marusichna (A sock-puppet she made to agree with posts as Chocolicious on IMDB. Deleted).






    Known Aliases 

    • Tracey
    • Leslie Fonda (AfterElton)
    • Michelle
    • Erica Lorca
    • Maria
    • Mina
    • Maja
    • Mirren
    • Marusichna
    • Isabella
    • Alison
    • Smarik
    • Saturnalia  (IMDB)
    • Erica
    • Gantasa
    • Kelly Baker (AfterElton)

    These are all 100% confirmed, unless noted otherwise.  Feel free to send me any accounts I’ve missed, and if I can confirm them, I’ll add them.

    Now that you have this information, what should you do with it?  Use it to avoid her posts.  That’s all.  Don’t reblog her. Don’t send comments to her ask box. Don’t reply to posts she makes on other forums.  As far as you’re concerned, she doesn’t exist. Do. Not. Feed. The. Troll.

    There is a lot of speculation going around that this woman may have very real mental health concerns.  I have no information on the validity of those rumors, but it’s clear from her posts that she is very troubled.  Antagonizing her is cruel if her trolling is a symptom of mental illness.  So, when you read her posts and feel the need to respond in defense of whoever she’s bashing, please take a moment to reflect on that.  Reblogging her hatred will get you nothing.  Not only does it encourage her to keep posting, it could be detrimental to her well being.

    ETA1: BoilingHeart, formerly of livejournal, is not confirmed as Kerrie.  BH did claim to be her on the Glee-Kink-Meme, but their styles don’t match up.  It’s possible, but, in my opinion, unlikely.  People should ignore BH anyway, because attention is what they crave.

    ETA2: Kerrie has unsurprisingly deleted many of her accounts since this post was created, including her tumblr and, briefly, her twitter.  Keep an eye out for her new accounts, but please do not engage her in debate.

    Feel free to send any suspected activity to my ask box.  I won’t publish asks, but I will update this post with any new information I can verify.

    ETA 3: Kerri has a long history of antagonizing Chris’ fans through private messages.  This trend has apparently carried over into tumblr, and she’s been harassing people via their ask boxes.  Please do not respond to these “asks” privately or publicly.  You’re only giving her exactly what she wants when you do.

    ETA 4: One of Kerrie’s common ploys is to say that “most” people or “everyone” agrees with her negative opinions about Chris and Kurt.  Then she’ll try to cite sources.  The problem is, she never sources people who legitimately dislike Chris or Kurt.  She always sources fans who actually really like them both.  This is another way she tries to start wank, by antagonizing and harassing Chris’ fans.

    Here she is claiming that “most” Klainer’s don’t like Chris/Kurt anymore, and think that Kurt doesn’t love Blaine.

    Here she says she never lies, while claiming that GleekPL left fandom months ago because of Chris.

    GleekPL calls her out on her lies.

    ETA 5:  Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is that everyone bands together to ignore her completely.  Her behavior is pathological and dangerous.  Don’t antagonize her.  Don’t argue with her.  Just ignore her.  Quietly report her behavior to site administrators, or send suspected activity here so everyone can keep abreast of the situation.  Otherwise, go chill.  Please.

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